How to Adult: Habits for Hacking Adulthood

I’m trying out a few new habits to take my adulting to the next level. Want to join me?

How to Adult: Habits for Hacking AdulthoodIf you’re anything like me, you run on routine. I have the same alarm that goes off every morning and I go through the same steps to get ready every week day before I leave for work. My routine very rarely changes because I’m such a creature of habit. In fact, I lay out my clothes for the week every Sunday evening, a habit that I’ve done every week since my first week of college. (S/o to my college roomie Heather and husband Jake who put up with this weird hack of mine!)

But here’s the thing. Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of my habits actually make my life harder. (I mean, minimally harder because, let’s be real, my life is not hard.) While my routine is comfortable and effective, it’s not always efficient. So to fix that, I’m going to try some life hacks to create new habits within my routine!

They say that forming a new habit can take anywhere from three weeks to two months depending on your personality, so to help me out and track my progress, I’ll be using the habit tracker app. I’ve used this app before and it’s actually super addicting and effective. I’d love for you to join me on this journey! If you do, feel free to follow me (Jackie Ruesink) and we can keep each other accountable!

So what are these habits to hack adulthood? Glad you asked. There are a lot I could choose from but in the effort of starting out small, here’s what I’m going with first:

  1. No snoozing OR opening up Facebook right away – I personally have never been a snoozer. My alarm goes off and I’m up. BUT I’ve gotten into a bad habit of scrolling social media first thing to delay my morning routine and I know this is not uncommon. But honestly, social media is too useless, depressing, and empty to be filling my brain with it first thing every morning. I’m not going to go crazy and say eliminate social media all together (I like my connection just as much as the next millennial) but I am going to limit it to after I’ve eaten my first meal of the day.
  2. 15 Minutes of Cleaning Every Day – Now, I love to clean but recently I’ve realized how much work it is to actually take care of a home and I’m living in less than 600 square feet! While having big cleaning days every couple of weeks is great, it’s not awesome in the days before those big events when Stella’s fur is practically carpeting our linoleum floors. I’m usually pretty good at decluttering but I think the biggest challenge with this new habit will be cleaning the kitchen as I cook. I know it can be done but I’m definitely not a pro at it…yet.
  3. No Food After 9 PM – I came up with this habit in college because I noticed I don’t sleep well if I’ve eaten close to bed. The science on eating before bed is controversial – some doctors say it leads to weight gain and others say it may help weight loss. Personally, this decision is less about weight and more about quality of sleep. But you may want to check out the pros and cons for yourself.
  4. Drink More Water – I’m one of those people who will just constantly sip on any drink near by all day. I sip drinks to fill awkward pauses, quench my thirst, not be bored, and a host of all kinds of other reasons. My problem is that I almost always want to drink Dr. Pepper or La Croix and not actual water. “But, wait, Jackie, isn’t La Croix sparkling water?” Yes. Yes it is. But all the acid from the carbonation is not ideal for my teeth or tummy, so really, I just need to stick to water. During this challenge, I’ll also be cutting down my soda/caffeine to one Dr. Pepper on Saturdays and Sundays only. Which, for me, is a stinkin’ big deal.
  5. Be Thankful – This is something Jake and I started a few months ago that I absolutely love. We take a few minutes before bed every night to list three things we’re thankful for. It definitely forces me to see the good in crappy days and refocuses my brain and heart on the things that matter. It’s a great way to end the day reflecting on God’s goodness and graciousness and generosity, and it helps me understand, appreciate, and love my husband more to hear his heart.

So that’s my starting line-up for adulting habits. What are some ways you can be adulting better this month? Will you be joining me on Let’s chat!

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