Thanksgiving Day Activities to Fight the Food Coma (That Aren’t Football)

Need some ideas for fun ways to beat the turkey hangover on Thanksgiving Day? I’ve got a few!

Adobe Spark (13)I mentioned last week that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There’s something about it that I just love. Maybe it’s the family time, or the food, or the fact that there’s no presents to distract us from actually being thankful. Whatever it is, I love it and it’s coming up so fast!

The one thing I’m not a fan of with Thanksgiving is that because it’s not such a fanfare of presents and traditions like Christmas is (at least in my family), we tend to end the day early and fall asleep on the couch.

Now, as much as I love food coma naps, I’d also just like to enjoy more time with my family while we’re all together.

If you’re like me and want more ways to keep your family from whiling away your post-feast hours together and making the most of your day, here are some ideas we can try out this year!

Family Thanksgiving Journal – I just think this would be a cool one to start. My family usually goes around and says what we’re thankful for but what if we wrote it down every year? The idea behind the journal is that you get to look back on past years and be thankful, not just for the current year, but for all the ways God has worked since you started it.

Board and card games – Obviously! My family isn’t huge on board games but they are pretty competitive card players. If it won’t tear your family apart, set up a game tournament and compete for the Turkey Day Champion!

Talk a hike!…I mean, walk – What better way to start working off all that stuffing and pie? Get the siblings together and take a walk to a park or around the neighborhood to get active and fight off that turkey-induced coma!

Scavenger hunt – You could totally add this to your walk and make it a two for one! Someone will have to be in the know about where and what is hidden, but if you play your cards right, you could have the whole family hunting and guessing all day!

Turkey bowling – This seems like so much fun! Grab an extra turkey at the grocery store when you do your Thanksgiving turkey and set up in the back yard for some slippery bowling competition! Fun for all ages!

Volunteer – Get everybody together and serve. If you’re local to Austin, here’s a great organization that will need help on Thanksgiving day. What better way to share a thankful heart than to help those in need!

Set up the Christmas tree – My family typically does this the day after Thanksgiving but it doesn’t hurt to get a head start! How much more fun would it be to set up for Christmas with the whole family together? And how much faster!

I hope these at least gave you some inspiration for new and fun ways to fight the mid-Thanksgiving food coma! Do you have any fun Thanksgiving family traditions to keep everyone awake and together? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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