You Are More Than Your Cat-Eye

There’s so much more to girls than our ability to get the perfect cat-eye…although that’s an awesome skill.

You Are More Than Your Cat-EyeConfession: I’m a girly girl who never got into makeup.

I’m not really sure how that happened. I was a cheerleader and a drama kid so I learned those kinds of heavy-duty makeup skills early on. But day-to-day makeup never really stuck with me. I have friends and family who do amazing things with concealer and eyeliner, contouring and cat-eye but I’ve just never been interested. Not because I’m not fascinated by the whole process but because I’ve never felt like makeup-me was actually me.

I remember having a conversation in high school with my friend and her mom in the car and they asked why I didn’t wear makeup and I responded “because I don’t think I need it.” And then immediately regretted coming off so full of myself.

But it’s not that I think I’m a supermodel or anything. I just don’t feel like anything about my face or skin needs to be hidden or highlighted or concealed. I think the real me, with a clean face and sunscreen, is so much more comfortable than makeup-me. And I wish more girls felt the same way in their skin.

I have nothing against makeup. I wear it on special occasions and I totally think it makes women look extra-stunning. What I don’t like is that there are girls who see makeup as a necessity for beauty. Like they can’t be pretty without putting their face on in the morning. This ideology makes my heart so sad.

I hope that if I’m lucky enough to have a daughter she would measure beauty not by makeup and beauty products, but by people’s character, confidence, and loving actions. I think this is an important part of improving this world we live in because enforcing the idea that girls can’t be pretty without makeup is a harmful, deceitful, unnecessary, ugly lie. And girls already face so many patronizing, demeaning lies in this world.

If you are a girl who rocks a killer contour, I envy you. But I also hope you rock days without makeup just as confidently. Take a page from Alicia Key’s book and learn to be comfortable in your own skin, just as God created you. And let’s start working together to create a world where girls see the beauty in health, confidence, and caring for others.

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