PSA: Christmas Cards Are Still a Thing!

So, I screwed up a piece of our first married Christmas… everything’s fine.

There’s lots I’m still learning in my first year of marriage but one thing that recently came up was that people still send Christmas cards. Like, people my age are still adorable and traditional and get these really cute cards made and send them via snail-mail to their friends and family. Somehow, I (incorrectly) thought that Christmas cards had become digital and were more a thing of the past. Man, how wrong I’ve been these last few weeks!

Jake and I just keep receiving card after card from our beautiful friends and family and I’m over here like, “that’s so cute! I totally dropped the ball this year!” And while it may be too late to start gathering addresses for all our friends and family, I can still continue with my digital Christmas Card plan.

So here’s to all our adorable friends and family who will not be receiving a card this year. I will make it up to you guys next year but for now, please accept this digital Christmas card as a reminder that you are loved and it’s Christmas time again!

Christmas Card 2017

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